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Coolum Beach Sunrise 29062017 1

Grab a coffee

Posted in Attractions at 30 June, 2017

An amazing start to the day. Why wouldn't you grab a coffee and head to Point Perry ?

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Coolum Beach Sunrise 28062017


Posted in Attractions at 28 June, 2017

A few showers forecasted for today but clearing for the weekend. We are still in front when compared to Melbourne's weather today with a top of 14.

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Coolum Beach Sunrise 27062017

Stunning Sunrise

Posted in Location at 27 June, 2017

Brilliant start to the day, we should expect to see some whales soon as they head north.

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Bell Shakespeare The Merchant Of Venice

Bell Shakespeare

Posted in Events at 22 June, 2017

Money makes the world go around. Portia has it. Bassanio wants it. Shylock lends it. Antonio owes the value of it. Love also plays a part....

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Lola Greeno

Lola Greeno – Noosa Regional Gallery

Posted in Events at 10 June, 2017

The exhibition's overarching theme is storytelling; of the meticulous crafting of stories of cultural knowledge, natural beauty, ancient traditions, a...

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